Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about your quotes and orders.

I’ve no part number, how can I find the parts I need?
Easy, get the make, model and serial number of compressor and watch this short video clip.

Your database does not have the part I want OR the shopping cart shows a POA price?
No problem our extensive supply chain network will be able to locate the part you need Click on contact us to send an email, or give us a call us 44 (0) 1772 455266

I’ve ordered some parts, where are they?
Go to My Account and use the search function to find your order by its unique reference (Either your order# or the EXP quote reference or the CAPs 'CS' sales order reference) Click on view to find the status of your parts order

I received a quote a while ago and I want to order the parts, but the lead time and prices have disappeared?
Quotes are valid for 30 days, after this time any non-stock items will be requited. Click the refresh my quote button and we will re-validate your lead time so that you know when you’ll receive your parts.

I have received the wrong parts, can you help?
If you receive a shipment which does not match your order, you have 30 days to return the item and receive a refund. However, if you received the wrong part solely due to your own error, you will be charged a 15% restocking fee. You will be credited with the amount of the order, less the 15% fee. To return a part, click on "Contact Us" to send us an email, we aim to have the problem rectified that same day.

I’ve ordered some parts but need to cancel them, is it too late?
Before the item is shipped, you may opt to cancel your order at any time without penalty. To do this, please contact us immediately. Your account will not be charged until the order is actually shipped. If you have received the order, you have 30 days to return the item for a full refund. (NOTE: If an order is cancelled after it has already been shipped, a 25% re-stocking fee may be charged.)

Questions about your account.

How do I change my User ID and/or my password?
To change your password, go to 'my account', you’ll find a change my password option there. Just follow the instructions?

My password was rejected when I tried to log in, can you help?
Check your username is entered correctly and re-try. If it is still rejected, click the 'I have forgotten my password' link underneath the login username box (We’ll send you your password hint in an e-mail). If the hint does not jog your memory, give us a call or e-mail and re can re-set your account.

Do I have to log in or register to search for a part?
Yes. Simply fill out the Registration page at no charge if you haven't done so already. It's quick and easy. Once you have signed up, you will have full access to all the parts on the Compressed Air Parts site. The login process is for your protection.

Is my confidential information secure?
Yes. Whenever Compressed Air Parts & Services asks you to send confidential information over the Internet, including personal account data, we require that a "secure session" using SSL first be established. During a secure SSL session, data passed back and forth between your computer and CAPS systems is secured by using public key cryptography. Your computer exchanges key information with CAPS computers to create a private conversation that only your computer and CAPS systems can understand.

Why was my credit card rejected?
If your credit card is rejected, make sure that you have entered the credit card number and expiration date correctly. If, after rechecking the information entered, the card is still rejected, contact your credit card company directly

How do I change the address or phone number listed in my account?
Go to the "Account" section found on the home page. Enter your current username and password; from here you can modify your information.

How are freight charges determined?
Standard priority shipments are Free carriage within Euro transit areas. High priority and customers outside of Euro transit areas are charged based on Volumetric weight. Freight is calculated and charged at the time of shipment.

What is Compressed Air Parts shipping policy?
On your quotation you will see a 'customer delivery date'. Please take this as your expected arrival date

What is Compressed Air Parts warranty policy? guarantees the workmanship of the products sold. If you have received a defective product, please review the manufacturer information included with your new product. If you wish to return it, please contact us.

Password Recovery

Enter your login ID below and click 'Retrieve' to retrieve your password hint.